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"With fists like atom bombs, he walks on the thorny warpath to the heavens, masked in blood and bathed in fire.

He will stand before the throne, look the void in the eye and laugh. He has nothing but desire in his body, and nothing but truth singing from his tongue." [ x ]


do you ever think
sam wanted to hear the words “sam winchester has been saved”
but he thinks he’ll always be a monster and he’ll never be saved
and it’s what he has feared his whole life
maybe it doesn’t matter though because at least dean is saved 
and that’s enough for sam

April 20th 2014
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You gave me  magical,
                I gave you wonderful.

Anonymous asked:

"Puff puff pass"

Of all the moronic things that have ever come out of the mouth of one ‘Dean Winchester’ - surprisingly one or two of them actually held the vaguest grain of sense…

- —Never take a joint from a guy named Don

I would probably extend that sentiment to beings with a grey face — so thank you, but no thank you…

April 20th 2014
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I am so upset with you right now how dare you use my weaknesses against me like that you really are Satan aren’t you ಠ_ಠ

April 20th 2014
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ψ  - —

  “Your landlady is quite the ‘character’.”  Lucifer mused, the slightest hint of a smirk edging onto his face.  ”She offered me tea.”

       The archangel drew in a long -
       if unnecessary -
       ( and pointedly facetious ) breath,
       taking a few casual strides into the dingy space,
       one hand reaching out to trace over bullet holes in the wall.  
       His attention seemingly focussed on the
       but his voice carried easily enough across the small space.

"Tea… And something called a ‘Garibaldi’."  

       ”It was rather the unique experience.  I helped her to unblock her drain.  Apparently the chemicals you dispose of have a habit of ‘playing up something terrible’ with her kitchen sink.”

April 20th 2014
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Why go to Valhalla when I have my own, private sanctuary right underneath my fingertips?  I’m already there…

     Your hands, your eyes, your smile…  however, those are just physical.  The way your soul shines through your eyes when I tell you I love you, your kindness, your generosity, the way you love our daughter, the way you love me…

                       My own personal Valhalla.
               Nothing else could ever compare.


  —{ so she won’t break, but Eric would take the same caring hands to her were she still a man, the same weight underneath his fingertips as in these moments.  Her nails were scratching against his world-weary scalp and he had to muster strength from somewhere not to melt against her hands.

He does need a haircut but that’s the least of his concerns right now… }—

         You should have done this along time ago…

—{ and now is where Eric gets adventurous, gets his wits about him after the kiss and slides a hand underneath the waistband of her jeans — he’s never been happier before now that Lucifer goes commando…

      he’s not shy about dipping his finger inside of her, moaning softly when it feels so tight, and she nearly clenches around him. }—

     You have no idea how many times I’ve imagined sliding into you, watching my cock disappear inside you, imagined burying my face between your thighs and tasting all that you are, not a single corner or fold untouched by my tongue, watching you fall to pieces under my touch and only my touch…

       —{ there’s something primal in Eric’s eyes as he presses his face against her stomach.  he wonders what it would feel like were his own child in here, if they had switched places in order to bring Alana into the world, but whatever was left in the world — fate or the norns — Alana was here in the way she was destined to be.

   He uses gentle hands as he explores her new parts, the same as Eric’s were but so, so different, a smell that seeps into Eric’s soul, something he would drown himself in if it were possible, and he employs the grace he was so graciously given and suddenly their clothes are gone.  He has to sit back and admire the sheer beauty of the creature beneath him.  There’s not a more stunning sight in any galaxy that anyone has…  }—

   There’s only one person on earth that’s more beautiful than you, and that’s our daughter, but I think you’ll be alright conceding to her, won’t you?

ψ  - —

            Eric’s words sound like a prayer — sound like sinful devotion and an eternity of damnation wrapped up in one large, blonde, viking shaped package.  And as Lucifer was already—
          - —D a m n e d— -
                         —there was nothing other than the slow, steady crumble into indulgence.  A lazy smile curling across her lips as Eric shifted and explored his-her new form — content — deliriously so, to allow him to continue.

            Hands slipping down thick neck muscle onto broad shoulders, slender fingers no longer spanning the width, but spayed out none the less, nails continuing to graze lightly over skin…

"Whenever you ask… A shift of reality isn’t difficult - I could create an entire world, exact to the last det—AH!—ail…”

            Still ‘Sam’ — still seated in the same physical form, but sensation blurred behind her eyes as Eric’s hand dipped low, squirming at the different feelings - just a touch, a tease, a push and she was sucking in breath between clenched teeth, eyes widening before squeezing tightly shut.  There was trust, implicitly, and she wouldn’t draw away, but for all of the intimacy they’d shared, it had never been like this - invasive into her vessel, and the shudder that rippled through her body was visible.

            Slightly amazed that even now, after all of the decadence and sin that she’d borne witness to, all it takes are a few words to have a small whine escaping her throat — more of those teasing touches and more squirming - unable to stay still beneath skilful fingers which moved and teased and had heavier breaths belabouring her vessel.  Attempting to growl at Eric’s words, to usher him on, to fulfil those half whispered promises… It breaches lips as a small moan, nowhere near the demanding ferocity of it’s intent - though followed by a small murmur of enochian cursing is immensely more satisfying as she finally manages to engage her brain — the wash of grace brings a moment of much needed clarity and the next word is Eric’s name curling out in a long drawn out purr as she meets that ravenous gaze with one of her own…

            “Are you going to tease me all night, lover?”  Almost petulant, bite swollen bottom lip ( from attempting, unsuccessfully to quiet her own sounds ) protruding in a very ‘un-archangelic’ manner.

"There is nothing I wouldn’t concede to her —"  

"Now, are you going to concede to me?  To those ‘imaginings’ you speak of?”  

          All of that patience beginning to fray around the edges - torment of a new kind…. Reaching out to pull Eric in for a kiss, no gentleness to it — just teeth and tongue and demonstration of -
    — d e s i r e.

       Though the demand is tempered with an almost inaudible ‘please’, pulling away just long enough to whisper singular word against sinful lips, echoed louder in the next, “Please, Eric…?”

April 20th 2014

Anonymous asked:

"If I wanted to pay you to make me a theme (yes it's been a while since I messaged you, remember me?) would I have to like tell you what I want it to look like or could I just ask you to do something that fits my character? (I have no idea what I'd want... is that a problem?)"

—{ Hello there anon!  It would depend on who your character was!?  If it’s a canon character from a show that I know of, that makes it a little easier - if you have an OC or a character I’m not so familiar with it could be a little tricker XD…

               Basically it would just be a case of letting me know your basic preferences… Colour scheme, if you like header style themes ( like the one on Lu ) or sidebar type themes ( or both ), the number of links ( or spare link slots ) you would need, the general colour scheme, what kind of images you like ( smaller gifs, full sidebars or headers or both ) — that kind of thing?  So no, not a problem, and you could also see the theme in development and request changes if need be… }—

April 20th 2014
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spnedit: Angels

the angels, they don't care. I think maybe they just don't have
the equipment to care. seems like when they try, it just breaks
them apart.
April 20th 2014