"It was always bigger than us. What would’ve become of Heaven if I had done what you suggest? Of Earth? The world is not ours, Lucifer. It still isn’t.”

I thought I had a brother. The sentiment lances deep, burying itself in the pools of guilt and hate he has for himself. There is no escape from it now, no orders or fate he could bury himself under.

The reality he had lived in was one of boxes and roles. It was linear, angular. War was a machine, rippling effects and implications at every step. He had been a soldier for far longer than he had been a brother. There was no space that he allowed himself, that he had ever taken. He was a purpose, a function, as was everyone involved. Pieces had to be broken and shifted to fit, it had happened, it was done.

If there were other realities, there was a dim, dim hope in him that one existed where Lucifer and himself lived in peace. He didn’t know how, it hardly seemed feasible at all. They had always been fated to fail each other completely.

They were inexplicably intertwined, knotted hopelessly around each other again and again and again. The foundations of Michael’s once destiny had been the destruction of his brother. It was poison, beating through his veins like it had replaced his vessel’s blood.

He loved Lucifer.

He hated Lucifer.

He both wanted to protect Lucifer and destroy him, though the latter was the product of compounded years, forced and unnatural.

There was anger and hope and affection, nostalgia and bitterness and despair.

"I can’t kill you. I convinced myself I could, built a perspective of you around a caricature of what you had done. I said the same words you just said to me.I had a brother. I denied your existence to myself to make it easier.”


"Lies, all of it. A waste of my time and effort."

ψ  - —”Would it have been any worse than it is now?”

"Humanity is as steeped in the mire of it’s own sin as ever.  This once bright and shining bauble — our Father’s perfect creation - is cracked and brittle and broken — and perhaps so far beyond the Eden that it was that it’s become irreparable."

"Heaven is as much steeped in corruption as Hell ever was —
our brethren fight, wage -W A R- with each other.  
Slaughter brothers and sisters
in the name of good but do nothing but sin by it.  
Commit greater atrocities than I ever did…
And yet they remain ‘righteous’ and ‘welcome’ within those gates…”

"…Was my crime so great that I deserved this?”

And the unspoken - ‘was my crime so great that you think I deserved this?’

   - —{ Set no stone in virtue.  Because it holds no weight.  Truth and love are punishable in the worst of ways.  Bow down before your ‘God’ because free will means nothing if you speak out against Him.  His capacity to forgive is not limitless.  He is cruel.  Preaches the value of family and then pits
          b r o t h e r  against  b r o t h e r.  Your faith is a lie.  Your love is worthless.

And the truth never, ever, sets you free.

All things fall apart… the most finely woven fabrics all unravel into chaos..

       - —’And it is night; and because the night is the whole night of space, and not the partial night of earth, there is no thought of dawn. For the light of the Sun makes illusion, blinding man’s eyes to the glory of the stars. And unless he be in the shadow of the earth, he cannot see the stars.  Here, then, do I abide in unalterable midnight, utterly at peace.

      I have forgotten where I am,
      and who I am.
      I am hanging in nothing’.  
}— -

 ”Can’t?  Or won’t?”

He wouldn’t — couldn’t — reach out and take that sliver of hope — because it was the same distinction over again.  Was this Michael’s defiance, or simply the incapacity to act, though the desire to do so remained strong…?

Would his brother truly deny God - wilfully - turn to the one he had cast down…?

"It was more than just a — waste of time — from my perspective, Michael… Existing, in that place, in solitude, torment — …Abandoned by… Well… You.”

"It really was quite meticulous… Though it would be - how exact if not created by the hand of God himself…?"

A musing — a question perhaps…
Had that cage been forged by the divine?  
Or by his most loyal son

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A sigh, little impatience behind it, he wasn’t all that insulted. He was many things—stubborn, righteous, soldier—but dumbwasn’t one of them.

"I wasn’t referring to their physical state, Lucifer.
That I understand perfectly well.”

Another breath taken,
memorizing the sensation of lungs expanding and contracting 
and the insistent thrum of his vessel’s heart.


"Speaking with humans is infuriating.
I have the means to go to their presence whenever I wish,
but they’re content with..texting and phone calls when their
communication is heavily reliant on body language to begin with.
Why are they determined to make it as confusing as possible?”

ψ  - —”Mmmmhno.”

Humanity is infuriating.”

"Humans as a species, their interactions, their constant
-d e v o l u t i o n-
because of self-proclained ‘progress’ which relates to ‘ease’ and lack of effort…” 

And he was — amused… 
Perhaps the host watched over humanity — but they didn’t understand it — were never so…
I m m e r s e d.
To set foot in the dirt, taste the stain of their existence in the air;
to be so wholly descended and apart from that celestial sphere — only to have it…
Crack and fracture and brittle.
So to be here, in the flesh, embedded within vessels and as lost and inexperienced as any mortal child without that guiding presence…
Then again - there were… Some…
Who had been so steeped in the nature of those beings, had existed in the midst of every sin and corruption possible, the tangible, the intangible, the lives lived either in thought alone, or by action - and then
c o n d e m n e d
for it.

"Why would they use body language?  Why smile when an emoticon will do?  Why talk when you can think, rethink, delete, rephrase, rewrite?  Why interact when you can raise those barriers between you and every other person..? When anger is caps lock.  When wrath is a triple exclamation point."

Though he found that he didn’t mind it.  Because it was simply another torment of their own creation.
No hands to throat or fist to bone.
No blood drawn or voices raised.
No ‘harm’ of the body — but a decidedly decadent torture of the mind.  
And still as vicious and vapid as they ever were.

”- —Excuse me?”

A pause then, slightly incredulous…

"When you can ‘go to their presence’?  I thought you were the viceroy of Heaven, Michael — not humanities little bitch boy, ready and oh, so eager to be at their beck and call…”

I didn’t fall in love with you.
             I walked into love with you,
with my eyes wide open,
          choosing to take every step along the way.
I do believe in fate and destiny,
               but I also believe we are only f a t e d
to do the things that we’d choose anyway.
               And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
                    in any v e r s i o n of r e a l i t y,
I’d find you and I’d choose you.”


No, sir. I wouldn’t want you blinded, and no, I wouldn’t see you as anything but what you are. Not that I can see what you are. I depend on my nose to tell me what kind of creature I’m talking to. Deprived of my sense of smell alone, I’d be pretty screwed.

I hope I didn’t offend you.


And I hope mentioning your father didn’t upset you, either.

I’ve got no right to complain, really, and people can call me whatever the hell they like. I don’t care. I need to be what I am to survive, and to avoid going to Hell, which is where I’d be headed if I was human. I don’t even wanna think about what would happen to me if I went there.

Besides, my abilities are pretty neat. I just need to figure out how best to use them while I’m still breathing.

ψ  - — No, Hes — you have neither upset nor offended me…

I am used to the mention of Him — as is the norm whenever someone or something finds out who I truly am… 

That sliver of enlightenment is often followed with
muttered prayer, a whisper unto the
to save them from the serpent.
As is the knowledge they possess — and as it may well be for you, it stands true for me — in that I am often 
j u d g e d…

You can complain, and you have every right to be affronted or offended by their desperate ignorance.

I think if you ever ended up going to Hell, Hes - you would be fine… You know the CEO after all…  Not so many could call on my favour, but there are some… A few…

…Though you are not destined for any dominion within my sphere of influence…

Speaking of your - abilities - how have you been getting on with that shiny jar?

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sam - the great escapist

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1.11 - I’m proud of you, Sammy.


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