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so crawl on my belly until the sun goes down / i’ll never wear your broken crown / i can take the road and I can fuck it all away / and in this twilight our choices seal our fate

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She sighed.

If it would make him happy.

She let him finish speaking before lifting a hand to Alana’s head, urging the child to rest against her shoulder.  Alana followed, getting as comfy as she could against mommy’s new chest, nice and squishy, her eyes not closing but her body visibly relaxing in her mother’s arms.  Eric took these moments to savor the sights, the smells, the feelings, the sensations… the heat of the sun against her skin, the warmth of Alana’s body against her own, Lucifer beside her, holding her…


The sun was always so incredible to see rising, but more so when Eric was able to be in its warmth, to feel the heat against her skin and not perish in its wake.

It was not often Eric got this luxury — it shouldn’t be possible, but Eric knew that Lucifer would raise Hell to make Eric happy, and that was amazing.  Lucifer would kill everyone and everything that hurt Eric if it were what she wanted — and sometimes that was scary, but in the end it was simply love.

After a few silent moments Eric sighed softly, happily, turned to face her lover and smiled a tired smile in his direction.

   ”Shall we go, love?  She’s hungry — her tummy is rumbling..”

ψ  - — “Hers is not the only one.”  Hardly referring to himself, but hearing quite acutely the sounds from the body Eric now inhabited.

Sustained easily by power for time - but neglected in the needs
wants and necessities of life.

But even now there is a thrum and a buzz of life, 
familiar.  Bright and warm against his grace, where there is usually nothing but quiet cold… And it pulls a smile.  Easy and something which only seemed to come in these private sweeping moments, when the world seemed peaceful - two heartbeats drumming out a rhythm which danced along his tongue, tasted of sweet nectar - life, love…

But he will wait until she’s ready, knows well enough that this state is, once again, temporary.  That they couldn’t risk Eric’s humanity, or at least, his soul inhabiting a human form for too long, both for he sake of Eric’s own form, and the decree that would once again begin to falter.  To crack.  Veil fracturing and the gates opening into Heaven - though for no warm welcome home… 

A gentle kiss pressed to temple and he was uncurling his arm, twisting to carefully stand and hold out his hand to help, Eric still with their child nestled happily in the crook of one arm.

"I would like to eat with you both.  It happens quite rarely so, for once, it would be nice.  A memory of an instant that we can keep, something rare and precious, if you will come and sit with me?"

"I promise to try not to break anything in your kitchen…"

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emeraldapadiel whispered to the fallen--
Leave me here! Go! Hurry! I can handle it.
Protective meme [ x

ψ  - —Snarling, feral, eyes ablaze with a raging torrent—
pure light streaming from the bounds of his vessel
flooding through torn flesh and tinged the colour of his
prized creation.
Like thorns, barbs, where celestial weapon pierced his armour,
not fatal in cuts or slices, no killing blow to be had.
Not yet.
But so they fell and crimson rivers ran behind them.
Spilt from vessel and then seared as heavenly might
burned, flared, faded.


"I will NOT run, Apadiel.  I am no coward.  And if hey seek me out, in any numbers, they will - —
      f a l l.  Each and every one of them.”

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popondowntowallyworld whispered to the fallen--
"And let you get yourself killed?"
Protective meme [ x

ψ  - —The boy had no idea.  Didn’t recognise the face of his blood born kin.  And why should he… 

Blessed of a peace’d life with maternal love and the trappings of humanity to secure and reassure.  

There is nothing in the dark.
The shadows can’t harm you.
Nightmares aren’t real.
Childrens stories to frighten mischievous and delinquent into good behaviour.

A curl of lips brought a small chuckle the archangel’s lips, soft rumble of amusement as he stepped up behind the youngster, head tilting, looking over his shoulder at the two behind who seemed intent on waving weapons and attempting to divest the young man of his belongings, wallet… Whatever there was of perceived value.

"They can’t kill me.  Really, they can’t."  A flash of bright grin, easy and genuine.  "Now, Adam Milligan, do you believe in miracles?"

Anonymous whispered to the fallen--
Ethereal form faded, letting beauteous visage of unearthly beauty come into view. Violet irises seemed to gleam as the glamour faded. "Hello. I am Aiylin." polite etiquette ruled she must introduce herself, so she did.

ψ  - — Brow arched and the Morning Star looked on, 
lips pursing for a moment as he considered the introduction, 
rather less than inclined to offer like for like, 
especially when unfamiliar with the one before him… 

Aside from name, there was a curl of shadowed and unknown intent.

So guarded, angling head in a curious manner…



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